November 24, 2017

Female Red-breasted merganser on Rondeau Bay.

Yet another of the ducks we saw last Tuesday.

Mergus serrator
  • The Red-breasted Merganser breeds farther north and winters farther south than the other American mergansers.

November 23, 2017


Another of the ducks we saw while out and about on Tuesday.
It was riding the waves on Rondeau Bay.

Anas strepera 
We don’t tend to think of ducks as pirates, but Gadwall often snatch food from diving ducks as they surface. This widespread, adaptable duck has dramatically increased in numbers in North America since the 1980s.
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November 22, 2017

Doing the Hokey Pokey.

Spotted this American Coot in a drainage ditch, seems he know the hokey pokey.

"Now put your right foot in
Your right foot out
Right foot in
Then you shake it all about"

Fulica americana
Although it swims like a duck, the American Coot does not have webbed feet like a duck. Instead, each one of the coot’s long toes has broad lobes of skin that help it kick through the water. The broad lobes fold back each time the bird lifts its foot, so it doesn’t impede walking on dry land, though it supports the bird’s weight on mucky ground.
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November 21, 2017

At the salad bar

A number of ducks were in  a small cove at the shore due to big waves on the bay.
There was a group of wigeon that stayed reasonably close to shore giving me a photo op.

Anas americana

The American Wigeon's short bill enables it to exert more force at the bill tip than other dabbling ducks, thus permitting efficient dislodging and plucking of vegetation.
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November 20, 2017

I'll just hde behind this grass.

We have a lot of deer coming into the yard at this time of year.
There is a deer herd reduction happening just now and the deer seem to know they are safe around the cottages.

At one time there were 900 deer in the park. The environment can handle approximately 60.

November 13, 2017

American bittern.

Why American Bitterns are hard to find.

Mostly they hide along the edges of a marshy area and blend into the reeds.
They will sway with the wind so they move like the reeds.